Shallipopi comments on the wealthy lifestyle that he wants. He likens it to Elon Musk’s wealth and makes several references to internet fraud.

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wait <br/> They call me Shallipopi <br/> (B-) Ibile <br/> (Busy) <br/><br/> All these my Southie boys (ah) <input type="checkbox" id=toggle1><label for=toggle1><span class="annotate-lyric"> Rands e dey body<br/>Dubai, dirhams dey body<br/>Yankee, dolápo dey body (kuron'-kuron'-kuron'be) <br/></span></label><div id=content1 class="annotate-explain"><div class="annotate-text"> They have various foreign currencies.  </div></div><br/><input type="checkbox" id=toggle2><label for=toggle2><span class="annotate-lyric"> Elon Musk sef na Pluto boy (Pluto) <br/></span></label><div id=content2 class="annotate-explain"><div class="annotate-text"> Elon Musk is wealthy.  </div></div><input type="checkbox" id=toggle3><label for=toggle3><span class="annotate-lyric"> Eh, he na Tesla kid <br/></span></label><div id=content3 class="annotate-explain"><div class="annotate-text"> This is in reference to one of the companies Elon founded- Tesla.  </div></div><br/> Pulling up in a Tesla toy <br/> Eh, no bitch boy <br/> See, no go dey <input type="checkbox" id=toggle4><label for=toggle4><span class="annotate-lyric"> Funds dey low-key, no go play <br/></span></label><div id=content4 class="annotate-explain"><div class="annotate-text"> There is a lot of money, be serious.  </div></div><input type="checkbox" id=toggle5><label for=toggle5><span class="annotate-lyric"> Shallipopi, I work all day <br/></span></label><div id=content5 class="annotate-explain"><div class="annotate-text"> Shallipopi works throughout the day </div></div><input type="checkbox" id=toggle6><label for=toggle6><span class="annotate-lyric"> Plutomania, we fly all day <br/></span></label><div id=content6 class="annotate-explain"><div class="annotate-text"> Plutomania is the term that Shallipopi uses to refer to his personal musical universe. He calls his fanbase Plutomanians.  </div></div><br/><input type="checkbox" id=toggle7><label for=toggle7><span class="annotate-lyric"> Inside that your Evian so<br/>Another Evian dey inside<br/>Inside that your Evian (Evian)<br/>Another Evian dey inside ('po)<br/>Inside that your Evian so<br/>Another Evian dey inside<br/>Inside that your Evian (ayy)<br/>Another Evian dey inside <br/></span></label><div id=content7 class="annotate-explain"><div class="annotate-text"> Evian is a catchy slang native to the people of Benin, Edo State in South-South Nigeria. It has different meanings. It could mean voodoo, king, clique etc. He repeatedly says that inside one Evian, there is another Evian. </div></div><br/><input type="checkbox" id=toggle8><label for=toggle8><span class="annotate-lyric"> All these Elon Musk boys <br/></span></label><div id=content8 class="annotate-explain"><div class="annotate-text"> He seemingly refers to men in technology-related fields.  </div></div><input type="checkbox" id=toggle9><label for=toggle9><span class="annotate-lyric"> Para dey body (dem dey vex) <br/></span></label><div id=content9 class="annotate-explain"><div class="annotate-text"> They are angry </div></div><input type="checkbox" id=toggle10><label for=toggle10><span class="annotate-lyric"> BTC dey body (too much) <br/></span></label><div id=content10 class="annotate-explain"><div class="annotate-text"> They have BTC (Bitcoin) </div></div><input type="checkbox" id=toggle11><label for=toggle11><span class="annotate-lyric"> Money dey body (plenty) <br/></span></label><div id=content11 class="annotate-explain"><div class="annotate-text"> They have a lot of money.  </div></div><br/><br/> All these Elon Musk boys (dem dey) <br/> Para dey body (ah, dem dey vex) <br/> BTC dey body (o por) <br/> Money dey (ahn) <br/> Ahn, kuron'be <input type="checkbox" id=toggle12><label for=toggle12><span class="annotate-lyric"> Money too choke abeg <br/></span></label><div id=content12 class="annotate-explain"><div class="annotate-text"> There is too much money. </div></div><br/> One Azul, twelve people, e no fit be my cartel (for where?) <input type="checkbox" id=toggle13><label for=toggle13><span class="annotate-lyric"> Look at my squad, you can tell <br/></span></label><div id=content13 class="annotate-explain"><div class="annotate-text"> He shouts out members of his squad and hails them. </div></div><br/> If you no see AP, you go see Areaway take up Cartier <br/> Ahh, all these ones (all these ones), then these ones (these ones) <br/> These ones, when you see them make way (make way) <br/> Evian dey (Evian dey), maga dey (maga dey) <br/> So therefore, every day na payday (say) <input type="checkbox" id=toggle14><label for=toggle14><span class="annotate-lyric"> I say, no go put body if you no get mind (get mind) <br/></span></label><div id=content14 class="annotate-explain"><div class="annotate-text"> If you can't handle it, don't involve yourself.  </div></div><br/> Unless your mind go dey (go dey) <input type="checkbox" id=toggle15><label for=toggle15><span class="annotate-lyric"> Ah, you wan chop life, you no wan pay price (pay price)<br/>My guy, na there you go dey (ayy) <br/></span></label><div id=content15 class="annotate-explain"><div class="annotate-text"> You can't enjoy this life without sacrificing something if not you won't move forward.  </div></div><br/><input type="checkbox" id=toggle16><label for=toggle16><span class="annotate-lyric"> Ayy, kuron'be <br/></span></label><div id=content16 class="annotate-explain"><div class="annotate-text"> Leave that place  </div></div><br/> All these my Southie boys (ah) <br/> Rands e dey body <br/> Dubai, dirhams dey body <br/> Yankee, dolápo dey body <br/><input type="checkbox" id=toggle17><label for=toggle17><span class="annotate-lyric"> Elon-lon-lon (Elon, Elon)<br/>Elon, 'Lon (Elon)<br/>Elon-lon-lon, Elon, Elon<br/>Shalli what? Shallipopi<br/>Elon-lon-lon, Elon, 'Lon<br/>Elon-lon-lon, Elon, 'Lon <br/></span></label><div id=content17 class="annotate-explain"><div class="annotate-text"> He repeatedly hails Elon Musk </div></div><br/> Say, eh <br/> All these Elon Musk boys <br/> Para dey body, eh (ah) <br/> BTC dey body, eh <br/> Money dey body (clear road) <br/><br/> All these Elon Musk boys <br/> Para dey body (ah) <br/> BTC dey body (ah) <br/> Money, say <br/> How do I pay, boss? <br/> Send aza or send wallet <br/> Payment received, na he credit BTC? <br/> Now you don confirm Evian dey? (Evian dey) <br/><br/> Evian dey <input type="checkbox" id=toggle18><label for=toggle18><span class="annotate-lyric"> Now you don confirm Evian dey? (Wait, wait) <br/></span></label><div id=content18 class="annotate-explain"><div class="annotate-text"> Now, have you confirmed that there is Evian? </div></div><br/> Evian dey, eh <br/> Evian dey (Evian dey) <br/> Evian dey (Evian dey) <br/> Evian dey (Evian dey) <br/> Evian dey (Evian dey)

Produced by
Spiritual Beats
Written by
Crown Uzama
Release date
March 14, 2023