'Cast' is track 3 of Shallipopi's debut album, 'Presido La Pluto'. The somewhat controversial lyrics from Odumodublvck and Shallipopi are in English and Pidgin English.

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Say say say... <br/><input type="checkbox" id=toggle1><label for=toggle1><span class="annotate-lyric"> World wide plutomainians <br/></span></label><div id=content1 class="annotate-explain"><div class="annotate-text"> This is Shallipopi's name for his fanbase </div></div><input type="checkbox" id=toggle2><label for=toggle2><span class="annotate-lyric"> That na normal things <br/></span></label><div id=content2 class="annotate-explain"><div class="annotate-text"> That's a normal thing </div></div><input type="checkbox" id=toggle3><label for=toggle3><span class="annotate-lyric"> Presido with the big machine <br/></span></label><div id=content3 class="annotate-explain"><div class="annotate-text"> He calls himself the president with a big machine </div></div><input type="checkbox" id=toggle4><label for=toggle4><span class="annotate-lyric"> Your girlfriend friend wanna suck my things <br/></span></label><div id=content4 class="annotate-explain"><div class="annotate-text"> Someone's girlfriend wants to have sex with him  </div></div><input type="checkbox" id=toggle5><label for=toggle5><span class="annotate-lyric"> But no be that kind person I be <br/></span></label><div id=content5 class="annotate-explain"><div class="annotate-text"> He's not that kind of person.  </div></div><input type="checkbox" id=toggle6><label for=toggle6><span class="annotate-lyric"> If I puff smoke give you and you no pass<br/>If you no pass, that means e don cast<br/>No last chance, e don cast o<br/>E don cast o, e don cast o<br/><br/>Weeii, e don cast<br/>E don cast, e don cast<br/>Say, e don cast<br/><br/>Ehn, e don cast ooo<br/>E don cast<br/>E don cast, e don cast<br/>Say, e don cast <br/></span></label><div id=content6 class="annotate-explain"><div class="annotate-text"> "E don cast" is a Nigerian pidgin phrase that has several meanings, depending on the context in which it is used. In this context, it means "there is trouble." The phrase is used to refer to a situation where things don't go as planned, the truth about something/someone has been revealed or simply one where the worst has happened. In a sense, it's used to show realization. Here, Shallipopi describes a scenario in which he's smoking with his friends (presumably) and after passing the blunt to one, it's not passed back to him. To him, that signifies that there is definitely trouble.  </div></div><br/><input type="checkbox" id=toggle7><label for=toggle7><span class="annotate-lyric"> Put your girl on phone<br/>Twelve o'clock for night <br/></span></label><div id=content7 class="annotate-explain"><div class="annotate-text"> Shallipopi speaks to someone's girlfriend at 12am. </div></div><input type="checkbox" id=toggle8><label for=toggle8><span class="annotate-lyric"> 12:30 use bolt no flight<br/>She locate my location <br/></span></label><div id=content8 class="annotate-explain"><div class="annotate-text"> She used a Bolt (a popular ride-hailing application) not a flight. Bolt is also what people refer to as the Bolt vehicles that they order. The girl locates him.  </div></div><input type="checkbox" id=toggle9><label for=toggle9><span class="annotate-lyric"> Pluto are you feeling the vibration <br/></span></label><div id=content9 class="annotate-explain"><div class="annotate-text"> Pluto is a dwarf planet. It used to be regarded as a planet but that changed because it has not yet cleared other objects from its neighbouring region so it  still has lots of asteroids and space rocks along its flight path instead of absorbing them over time, like the larger planets have done. Shallipopi usually refers to himself as the king of Pluto. In a sense, Pluto is his personal musical universe and that's why his fans are called "plutomanians" </div></div><br/><input type="checkbox" id=toggle10><label for=toggle10><span class="annotate-lyric"> Sensational, abobi condition am, ehn <br/></span></label><div id=content10 class="annotate-explain"><div class="annotate-text"> "Abobi" is a popular slang that originated in the South-South region of Nigeria (Rivers State, to be precise). It means "guy." </div></div><input type="checkbox" id=toggle11><label for=toggle11><span class="annotate-lyric"> Willy willy practitioner <br/></span></label><div id=content11 class="annotate-explain"><div class="annotate-text"> "Willy willy" is a Nigerian phrase that means "penis." ODUMODUBLVCK refers to a woman as a penis practitioner.  </div></div><input type="checkbox" id=toggle12><label for=toggle12><span class="annotate-lyric"> This one na seniorita abi na mamacita (all) <br/></span></label><div id=content12 class="annotate-explain"><div class="annotate-text"> He wonders whether she's a senorita (Spanish word for an unmarried woman) or Mamacita (Spanish word for a young and attractive mother) </div></div><input type="checkbox" id=toggle13><label for=toggle13><span class="annotate-lyric"> Big kala need your bunda, pam am <br/></span></label><div id=content13 class="annotate-explain"><div class="annotate-text"> "Big Kala" is a name that ODUMODUBLVCK usually calls himself. "Bunda" is a slang for butt. </div></div><input type="checkbox" id=toggle14><label for=toggle14><span class="annotate-lyric"> If she no fuck o, if she no suck<br/>Who go pay for her wig and handbag <br/></span></label><div id=content14 class="annotate-explain"><div class="annotate-text"> "If she doesn't have vaginal or oral sex with men, who will pay for her wigs and handbags?" In a very explicit and derogatory manner, ODUMODUBLVCK ascribes women's financial sources to the favours they gain from carrying out sexual acts with men.  </div></div><input type="checkbox" id=toggle15><label for=toggle15><span class="annotate-lyric"> When e wan sup, she go halla Big Gun <br/></span></label><div id=content15 class="annotate-explain"><div class="annotate-text"> When things want to happen, she will call him  </div></div><input type="checkbox" id=toggle16><label for=toggle16><span class="annotate-lyric"> All along she dey follow me pause <br/></span></label><div id=content16 class="annotate-explain"><div class="annotate-text"> All along, she's been following him </div></div><input type="checkbox" id=toggle17><label for=toggle17><span class="annotate-lyric"> Loss, punish me like African mom <br/></span></label><div id=content17 class="annotate-explain"><div class="annotate-text"> African parents, especially mothers are widely known for their strict parenting </div></div><input type="checkbox" id=toggle18><label for=toggle18><span class="annotate-lyric"> Shallipopi, who go mount us? <br/></span></label><div id=content18 class="annotate-explain"><div class="annotate-text"> This is a play on Shallipopi's lyrics in his hit single- Ex Convict.  </div></div><input type="checkbox" id=toggle19><label for=toggle19><span class="annotate-lyric"> Comot body, we dey burn kpef <br/></span></label><div id=content19 class="annotate-explain"><div class="annotate-text"> Step aside, we're smoking  </div></div><br/> For the context, cash, cast <input type="checkbox" id=toggle20><label for=toggle20><span class="annotate-lyric"> Obrigado, on a conquest <br/></span></label><div id=content20 class="annotate-explain"><div class="annotate-text"> "Obrigado" is the Portuguese word for thank you.  </div></div><br/><br/> World wide plutomainians <br/> That na normal things <br/> Presido with the big machine <br/> Your girlfriend friend wanna suck my things <br/> But no be that kind person I be <br/> If I puff smoke give you and you no pass <br/> If you no pass, that means e don cast <br/> No last chance, e don cast o <br/> E don cast o, e don cast o <br/><br/> Weeii, e don cast <br/> E don cast, e don cast <br/> Say, e don cast <br/><br/> Ehn, e don cast ooo <br/> E don cast <br/> Eh, e don cast, e don cast <br/> Say, e don cast <br/><br/> Put your girl on phone <br/> Twelve o'clock for night <br/> 12:30 use bolt no flight <br/> She locate my location <br/> Pluto are you feeling the vibration

Produced by
Written by
Crown Uzama, Ojogwu Tochukwu
Release date
November 9, 2023